Corella Publishing 

Corella Publishing produces illustrated books and documentaries for a world-wide audience; it is our passion to bring you today’s world.

Media Projects

Our media projects, related essays, books and documentaries have been produced on five continents. A Corella Publishing venture includes breath taking photography, in-depth research, and meticulous design. 


Licensing for usage of photographs, footage and serial rights from our productions is available under certain conditions.

Commission Work

Corella Publishing also produces on-demand commission work for our clients, including distinctive, high-profile editorial and advertising photography as well as video and film. We specialize in themes such as architecture, aviation, financial markets, industry, landscapes, travel, people and culture. Our clients range from advertising agencies, corporations, editorial services and TV.


Corella Publishing activities are accompanied by a philanthropic commitment to contribute information for a better understanding of one another. It is our challenge and pleasure to give something valuable to our audience.

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