Surrounded by warmth from her mother and her father, my grandmother Dimitra grew up safe and secure, at the beginning of the 20th century in Lavrion, near Athens.

Dimitra’s father, my great-grandfather, Basilis, was a well educated man, who worked for the government. He knew that each day in the life of a growing child is irretrievable, and would never return.

Basilis adored his daughter Dimitra, and he bought a camera to capture her life from childhood forward – long before it was customary to own and dedicate time on photography. Basilis’ true parental love shines through on this body of work.

My grandmother Dimitra was happy to own this photographical biography. The message within became part of her self esteem; her parents sealed her dignity.

As a child, when my parents traveled abroad and I would stay with my grandmother Dimitra, she taught me to value animals and nature, to be social and to feel happiness. She helped me see that emotions were real, and should never be substituted by something false. In the end, receiving true love is the major family heritage for generations to come.

My great-grandfather began a portrait of his daughter early in the 20th century. Almost 90 years later, I completed this portrait of My beloved Grandmother, documenting the last year of her life.

Leon Dimitrios

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My beloved Grandmother