It is such a joy to be in Germany today! The landscapes are magnificent. The cities are well built, sporting solid, efficient infrastructure and the people who live in Germany are friendly and helpful.

In the late 1960s, Germany’s political leaders adopted a saying "let’s try more democracy" and over time that idea bore fruit. At the beginning of the new millennium, the German society is among the most tolerant, and the people enjoy freedom.

Although there is no perfect place or paradise anywhere, Germany is exemplary in many ways. The education system is based on values related to democracy and respect. Therefore, from childhood forward, people are taught to communicate with one another.

The Football World Championship in 2006 served notice of the social growth and warmth to be found in German culture. People from all over the world celebrated together in Germany, and the home country’s team and fans displayed a classy character despite loosing the football match against Italy.

In Germany, emotional values are appreciated and everyday communication is polite and straightforward…no diversion is needed. The reconciliation of interests within society guarantees that even an outsider could get a better chance here than in many other places.

Leon Dimitrios photographs from Germany are taken of landscapes and of people in their everyday life, showing how this country and its people appear today.

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