Please enjoy our gallery. Here you will find a selection of Leon Dimitrios photographs taken since the mid-1980s. Leon has traveled over one million miles on five continents to discover the world and bring you these images.

The photos are part of large conceptual pieces and some of the productions have been a work in progress for 20 years.

Part of the process was to show ongoing changes over a long period of time. New technologies, industrialization, fashion, new design, even migration shape the world on a continual basis. As an observer, Leon strives to capture the world today before a piece of it has changed forever. His projects help document that transition.

This website gallery shows photographs from projects related to Aviation, Exchanges and Financial Markets, Leon's Grandmother, The Balkan Countries, Germany, Nature, Animals and other endeavors.

The photographs shown on this website are available as limited editions, or public and private exhibition, for office display and for collectors.

There are additional project galleries on this website. Please follow the links below.

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Clouds Gallery

Germany - At The New Millenium Gallery

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My beloved Grandmother Gallery

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