Leon Dimitrios projects push beyond the daily news and trends. His work is an observation on specific subjects that often encompasses years. Although our world is changing every day, Leon strives to describe not only the time we live through, but also the ongoing changes.

The project Exchanges – A Journey over Five Continents was started in the 1980s. Since the beginning of this epic, he traveled more than 350,000 miles, visited nearly 70 marketplaces, most of them repeatedly, in 28 countries. In 2017, the production was completed, and includes stunning photography, filmed documentaries, historical text and interviews with market professionals. 

The project Aviation - The Experience of Modern Travel is even more ambitious in scope. Since 1997, Leon has traveled more than a million miles, talking to aviation professionals, while portraying airlines and airports. 

Leon values authentic information. His projects include cooperative collaborations with partners who have expertise in the field and co-authors who support these projects. Corella Publishing is Leon’s publisher.

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In addition to Exchanges – A Journey over Five Continents and Aviation - The Experience of Modern Travel, there are many more projects under production. Register and learn more about Leon’s work.



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