Corella Publishing offers a wide variety of services related to photography, film and video, media projects and cultural events. 

Commission Work 

Depending on client need, we are able to generate the following tasks: 


Planning, preparations and scheduling 



Co-Productions for public relations and advertising 

We are experienced in working fields like architecture, industry, geography, people, nature, travel, social and cultural surroundings. Working within client guidelines, we will produce distinctive, high profile solutions for your photography, film or media demands.

Licensing and Usage Rights   

Usage rights for existing photographs and footage are done on a rights management basis. We are licensing serial rights from our books and projects. Broadcasting rights on existing documentaries are available under certain conditions.   

Exhibitions and Office Space Solutions

Leon Dimitrios photographs from the projects shown on this website are available for public and private exhibitions. Our service covers conception, planning and implementation of exhibitions as well as office space solutions.  

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